10 Practical Tips to Help You Lose Weight

My Top 10


It is estimated that in the UK around 11 million adults are trying to lose weight. Even worse, after 19 days, four out of every five will give up.

Here are my 10 favourite practical ways to fight the fat. Choose one or two and stick with them to make them habits, then once you find success try another one. Be patient, a pound a week is nearly four stone in your first year. It’s about consistency, not intensity.

 ➡️ Drink some water - you often mistake hunger for dehydration

 ➡️ Eat some soups - they are nutritious easy meal-swaps, that will murder those ‘munchies’

 ➡️ Cook double portions - store the extra for grab-and-go ready meals from fridge/freezer

 ➡️ Boost your proteins - you’ll feel fuller for longer and find hunger at bay

 ➡️ Be less saucy - too many hidden calories; sauces are sneaky

 ➡️ Scale down starches – unless training often try to reduce your bread, potatoes and pastry

 ➡️ Be alcohol aware - drinks are packed with hidden calories - around 250 per pint!

 ➡️ Eat mindfully – say no to TV meals, eat slower and focus on every mouthful 

 ➡️ Keep off fruit juices - eat fresh, whole fruits and zap those high-sugar overload issues

 ➡️ Eat breakfast – kick-start your metabolism and control your hunger.

The above tips are a great start, but sustained weight-loss has a complex physical, mental & emotional interplay - more on this later. 

Good luck with making these tips new habits!