Bootcamp Ideas - Ace of Spades

The Ace of Spades

This one I became familiar with while I was training with the guys at TRX Headquarters in San Francisco several years back. I have adapted the game slightly and added some new twists.

This is the perfect workout for both clients and coaches as it's great fun and requires only a pack of cards, 4 workout sheets and two cones. You can decide the lenght of the workout by extending/shortening the time or adjusting rounds.

Warm Up

Set up two cones roughly 30 metres apart. For the warm up get clients to run from cone to cone for 6-8mins. When you call out a number your clients must complete the following:

  1. touch floor with left hand
  2. touch floor with right hand
  3. side steps
  4. high knees
  5. power skips
  6. bunny hops

Main Workout

Spead out a deck of cards face down on the floor. If you have a very large group then you can use two card decks.

One at a time a player runs in and picks up a card. The suit of the card picked up decides what exercise they will complete (see below). After they have completed the exercise they then complete a exercise from cone to cone (see below). They then head back and pick up their next card. The round can either stop at a set time limit of finish when all cards are turned over.

If a player picks up a picture card they can give their exercise away to another player and then pick up another card.

If a player picks up the Ace of Spades, however, all players must complete 20 burpess - oh dear. 

Examples of Card Exercises

  • Heart = commados
  • Spades = mountain climbers
  • Clubs = squat jumps
  • Diamonds = walkouts

P.s. I would print these out on A4 paper and laminate them for player reference.

Examples of Cone to Cone Exercises

  • high Knee run
  • walking lunges
  • bunny hops
  • bear crawl
  • crab walk

So there you go, simple but super fun and super easy.

If you have any questions, please reach out and get in touch.

More Bootcamp Workout Ideas to come!