Bootcamp Ideas - Mastermind

Bootcamp Ideas - Mastermind

This workout has a fitness twist to the well-known game Mastermind! For those of you unaware of the game, it is a code breaking game where participants must find the 4 colour sequence out of 6 colours. This will be a game of mental strength as well as physical strength!

The workout can consist of only bodyweight exercise or you can include weights, bands etc. It is entirely up to you!

The only equipment needed for this workout is a pen and paper for each group.

Warm Up

To raise their heart rates clients begin by running the perimeter of a specific area - we have a field luckily. Next, set out a square where clients will run/skip around constantly changing directions. When you call out a number between 1-4, clients must do the relevant exercise:

  1. Left hand touches the floor

  2. Right hand touched the floor

  3. Both hands touch the floor

  4. Jump with both hands in the air

Clients can stretch themselves out during the water break.

Main Workout

Clients will need to pair up or work in groups.

Six stations will be set out (each represented by a different colour). To familiarise themselves with the exercises, let clients do a quick round of each exercise..

Then the games begin! Clients must perform a maximum of 4 exercises and record the order they completed them in. Then then come to you for confirmation. The trainer will use circles and ticks to represent if a colour is correct but in the wrong place, or if a colour is correct and in the right place. Clients must repeat this until the code is cracked. The winning team can choose a forfeit for the losing teams (e.g. roll of dice for burpees).

Exercises can be swapped for each following round.

Final round clients can decide on the exercises at each station prior to the round.

Round 1

  • Red- 15x cross arm crunch
  • Green- 30 sec plank (stop watch at station)
  • Blue- 10x bicep curls (pick own weight)
  • Yellow- 20x star jumps
  • Pink- 15 x squat jumps
  • Purple- 3x hill runs

Round 2

  • Red- 10 x back raises
  • Green- 30 sec ski sit
  • Blue- 10x goblet squat
  • Yellow- 10x Tricep dips
  • Pink- 12x lunge pulses (6,6)
  • Purple- 20x high knees

1 minute 30 seconds rest between games.

If you have some spare time at the end, you can finish with a game of “fruit salad” where clients are sat in pairs opposite each other with feet touching. When their fruit is called out, they must run and jump over the rest of the legs to the end, sprint back to the start and back to their place by jumping over the rest of the legs.

Be warned: this workout can get competitive!

This workout was designed & created by Kirsty Parfett, the newest member of the Pura Vida family. Nice work, Kirsty!

More bootcamp workout ideas to come!