Bootcamp Ideas - Core & Cardio

Bootcamp Ideas - Core & Cardio

This workout is designed to strenghten your core and give your cardiocascular system a good blast to blow out the cobwebs and burn some serious calories. It is one of the favourites of my bootcamp groups and always has them killing it on their daily step count - massice bonus!!

The only equipment needed is a mat and two cones.

Warm Up

It is epecially important to warm up properly before taking on sprint. This will help avoid injuries.  

I would set out a 1km route to run or in a big open space, set out a large oval area and start a jog around the oval. Make it interesting with zig zags, lunges, running backwards and Indian run drills.

Main Workout – Circuits

There are four circuits within this session. Each circuit contains three different core exercises and a sprint after each one. The core exercises last 45 seconds and the sprints are a set distance e.g. 80m. Your clients will complete each exercise twice and a sprint after each one, so a total of 6 core peices and 6 sprints in each circuit. Then it's time for a 2min rest.  

Remember to do the sprints after each core exercise

Circuit One

  • 2 x 45s mountain climbers
  • 2 x 45s plank
  • 2 x 45s v-sits

Circuit Two

  • 2 x 45s commandos
  • 2 x 45s crunches
  • 2 x 45s Walkouts

Circuit Three

  • 2 x 45s plank jacks
  • 2 x 45s flutter kicks
  • 2 x 45s supermans

Circuit Four

  • 2 x 45s leg raises
  • 2 x 45s russian twists
  • 2 x 45s knee to elbow bicycle kicks

You can change the length of the session by simply adjusting the length of time the exercises run for, adding more or less circuits or lenghtening/shortening the sprints.

So there you are, super simple and can pretty much be done anywhere with anyone. I will be running this one with tonight's group!

More bootcamp workout ideas to come!