Toned Tums For Mums: A Thirty four Page Comprehensive Health and Fitness Guide

Available Free for July. Contact me.

Time and time again I receive emails from new mums requesting help with getting back to their former fitness after the birth of their little one(s). Unfortunately, many of these requests are from mums that live all over the UK and abroad and are too far away to help personally. This inspired me to create a guide that’s easy to follow, employs minimal equipment and can be used almost anywhere. Most mums can start as soon as six weeks after giving birth.

My Toned Tums for Mums Guide comes as a thirty four page downloadable PDF with easy to follow instructions and tips.

If however you’d prefer one-to-one postnatal coaching, please contact me for more information and my schedule.    

During the week I work in the Home Counties and meet with my London clients on Saturdays.

Full-colour, Thirty Four Page Edition - £29